I'm a woman-person who adores shows meant for twelve year old boys and has all the mental focus and acuity of a desperately confused squirrel. I drink a lot of tea.

Try not to panic.

I’ll always fondly remember the time our cosplay group did Ōkami
 at Otakon as the year it took an hour to get anywhere.  We couldn’t make it more than three feet around the convention center without being stopped for photos.  We had to start turning people down.  ”I’m sorry, but I really gotta go pee like, right now.”  It was simultaneously cool and daunting.

Once I finish up and post the Journey photos from this year, I might do full Ōkami sets for everyone, because those were fantastic costumes.

Issun (arovet) - Sakuya (dotiscute) - Waka (boltstuck) - Rao (spacetart) - Ameterasu (stuffed dog)

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    Perfect cosplay!
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    KAWAII X3!!!!!!
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    lol who am I bringing to prom? I’m bringing Issun to prom. I loved when you guys did this.
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    Man. Our group has done a lot of cosplay. When is our 10 year anniversary coming up for this?
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