1. Class = archetype

    Since other fans have already pointed out the similarities between Dave and Karkat, and recent updates have given us as many as three different players all with the same Class type, I was reading over them to see if players of other Classes shared personality traits the way Knights seem to.  And they do!  

    It was when I was comparing Jane, Aradia, and Porrim that I had a sudden “oh!” moment and realized that Classes represent story archetypes.

    For example, the Maid is a young, headstrong girl (maiden) who, over the course of the story, matures into a wise matron (mother and eventually, crone).

    My evidence goes like this:

    Our three Maids all share a rebellious, independent streak.  Porrim lashed out against her expected, socially enforced role of ‘mother’ to her species; Aradia disregarded the advice of Terezi by going after Vriska and was “n0t 0k” with Equius and DD’s efforts to control her; Jane stubbornly refused to listen to her friends and chafed under the restrictions of her father.

    They have inherently supportive, caring natures and will seek caretaker roles when left to their own devices.  Aradia had acted as Tavros’s guardian before her death and then became custodian of the Dreambubbles after her resurrection; Jane is motherly towards her friends, but Nanna Egbert is the best representation of her matronly potential; Porrim (excessively) dotes on Kankri and once the aspect of force/expectation was removed, became passionate about the perpetuation of her kind.

    Lastly, they’re attracted to seeking out deeper truths, through which they gain wisdom.  Jane with her passion for clues and mysteries; Porrim by examining the reasons behind the social status quo; Aradia through exploration of the past.

    I’m FAIRLY sure that the other Classes will pan out into story roles/archetypes under examination too, it’s just the Maid is the most blatant to me.  There’s already in-story signs (aka; Dave said as much) pointing to Knights being the Reluctant Hero, but what I really want to discover is what archetype the Heir fits.  Figuring out how John and Equius are similar is going to be a thrill.

    (also, my guess right now for the Mage Class is that it’s Gandalf.  I mean Obi Won Kenobi.   I mean Dumbledore.  I MEAN the knowledgeable, magical “old” guy who starts the heroes out on their Quest without revealing everything he knows, dies, is resurrected in a new form, continues to take part in the Quest but follows his own path/doesn’t take orders, and then ascends to a higher plane of existence at Quest’s End.)

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