I'm a woman-person who adores shows meant for twelve year old boys and has all the mental focus and acuity of a desperately confused squirrel. I drink a lot of tea.

Try not to panic.


lookit that pretty eye

now get a load of this fucker taking a nap with goddamn pumpkin

then there’s this asshole. what the fuck is he staring at? god knows, but he didn’t let it out of his fucking sight the entire time I was there

this is a terrible picture but he’s fat and taking a nap, just fucking look at him

now get a load of this. dudes a fucking armored tank. he was drinking water but then he saw me taking his picture. motherfucker just up and lost the will to live, if you ask me

I wanna have something extreme to say about this guy

but I dunno

he was just

all blending in with that log like camouflage or something

so that’s pretty cool

lookit him all hiding under there. he’s trying to convince me he’s not really there so he can swallow my ass whole when I let my guard down

here have another damn frog.  at least it’s not taking a fucking nap

check out this guy’s head

it’s like he’s got an ass on the back of his neck. what sort of evolutionary advantage is that shit

this is my favorite. dudes just chilling up there like fuck you, I’m gonna warm my crotch with this heat lamp right here

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